What the devil do we mean by free ideas?

First things first.

Ideas needn't always mean conventional advertising ideas.

Depending on the market you operate in and the problem you face, we might just devise something that's beyond the poster, flyer or website.

For example, we might script a street play, invent a game or create a buzz-worthy event.

Got the drift, right?

Our entire focus will be on solving your problem rather than creating an ad.

Just one clarification.

We will only be responsible for development and design of the creative. 

Execution of the idea is entirely up to you.

Now for the FREE bit.

We will be investing our time for free.

We will be using free resources on the world wide web to bring our ideas to life.

And we will be offering our consultancy without charging you a penny.

As we said earlier, the only precondition we have is: creative freedom.

What we mean by that is, you will have no say on the idea, content, form, design and deadlines.

Since members of our collective, are doing this pro bono, WE will have the final say on creative.

If that works for you, we'll do anything for you.